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We design, manufacture, and market, high-power, low-cost, high-performance data accelerators. Our products will be powering the next generation high power systems for servers, computers and high capacity mass storage products. Applications, such as advanced database search systems, knowledge discovery and management, data mining and biometrics, as well as military and aerospace systems, can all incorporate Iceware® objects to enhance their performance.

Iceware ® technology and products are specifically focused at meeting the world's increasing demand for more speed and sophistication by utilizing customised hardware on standard operating platforms. We are breaking the fetters of the microprocessor with affordable, flexible and upgradeable products.

We work with partners to provide highly cost-effective custom, value-added solutions to meet their customers’ specific application requirements with more speed, power, capacity and capability.

We are founder members and potential platform providers to the MORFISC programme. MORFISC is a European initiative to address new challenges in computing performance, cost- efficient development of short life cycle processing platforms and self- adaptive embedded capabilities . These breakthroughs in functionality and flexibility can be realised by exploiting the emerging disruptive technology of re-configurable computing which enables huge computing density improvements (Mops/ Watt), e.g. by a factor of x100, and drastic time to market shortenings , by a factor of 5 or more. Core managing partners include THALES, ST Microelectronics Group, Thomson Multi Media, ALCATEL


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