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Partners are strategic – due to the importance placed this we have a program outlining our approach to partnering. The program is ‘Icecap’ – Iceware ® Certified Alliance Program.


 Why Icecap?
Icecap provides a guideline to our team on how we co-operate with our various types of partners. This ensures partners are treated equally and professionally at all times.
 Icecap Partner Benefits
  The major advantages in becoming an Iceware ® partner are:

The largest percentage of all our sales and marketing effort will be directed at establishing and supporting the Icecap i.e. our Iceware ® partners.
Marketing programs will be produced in conjunction with partners.
Every opportunity to promote the relationship will be explored e.g. joint seminars, exhibitions, conferences, advertising and mailings.
We will pro-actively take part in lead generation for and with Iceware ® partners.


We will be actively co-operating in sales activities with our partners to generate revenues for them and ourselves.
Our sales efforts in no way compete with our partners as the strategy is for us to provide the core enabling accelerator technology, products and directly related services (if required).
Our partners will provide all the domain consultancy, integration, applications and tools to arrive at the customers’ business solutions.
Our technology will be the key differentiator for our partners.
We will work closely with all our partners to highlight where Iceware ® related opportunities can be developed within their customer base.
Our partners will be encouraged to set up an Iceware ® competence centre and we will provide the partner with the necessary licences and support services to do so.
The competence centre will not only make Iceware ® skills readily available within the partner organisation but will also provide our partners’ sales force with focussed demonstration and benchmarking facilities.


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