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  Technological Advantages
Competitive technologies use application specific digital signal processing (DSP) boards whereas Iceware ® is rapidly re-configurable and is therefore not application specific.
Ability to reconfigure on the fly allows for considerable flexibility.
Our products use conventional technology, programming languages and integration rules, enabling the use of standard design hooks for existing programming languages such as VHDL.
Our products are designed to work with large volumes (terabytes or petabytes) of un-indexed data. The speed of data through the engine is directly proportional to the amount of data you can process in a given time.
Our technology has the ability to exploit ongoing technological advances in computing power, speed and storage media
Due to Iceware ® ‘s on-board operating system the host machine has no additional loading and is available for other tasks at all times.
  Cost Advantages
Existing competitive solutions (where they exist) employ complex and/or costly parallel processing, or distributed techniques. Iceware ® brings performance of a similar magnitude to the workstation, or server at a fraction of the cost
Our products are available in a variety of configurations with no loss of functionality. You are able to control the desired price/performance ratio for any given solution.




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