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Iceware ® technology significantly reduces knowledge discovery/data mining times.

What does this mean in practice……

If you needed to find a match with any one fingerprint from the worlds population (using 16 point matching):

Today’s 16 bit PC Technology is capable of 66,000 comparisons per second which means the search would take 900,000 seconds or 15,000 minutes or 250 hours!
Our Iceware ® Iceboard is capable of 20,000,000 comparisons per second reducing the search time to 3,000 seconds or 50 minutes!
Our new Iceware ® Avalanche (available q4 2003) will be capable of 200,000,000 comparisons per second reducing the search time even further to 18.75 seconds!


250 hours reduced to 18.75 seconds


If you needed to do selections from a very large CRM data-warehouse, for example, a data-warehouse with 15 million records having 200 fields with 100 of those fields containing valuable selection criteria:
Iceware ® would require no indexing of the data!
Users could use as many of the 100 selection criteria as they wished in any one search.
The search, independent of the number of search fields used, would take less than 10 seconds!


Hours reduced to seconds





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