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Today’s Iceware ® engine is the Iceboard. This engine is a single PC based accelerator card , which can be plugged into standard desktops and servers, and can perform task modules of parent applications at vastly accelerated rates. The board consists of several re-programmable EPLDs and our own On Board Operating System (OBOS), which facilitates the autonomous operation of programmed task modules. The Iceware ® Iceboard can be supported by its own data store of up to four fast hard drives, or alternatively by very large RAM storage. A suite of DLLs are available to interface from the board into a client's real-time applications, if required. Standard C++ and other associated high level languages are supported to enable development of bespoke integrations.

Within the next three month we shall be releasing the next, and considerably more powerful, engine Iceware ® Avalanche. More details to follow.

Technological Trajectory. Iceware ® is not locked into current technology. It will exploit trajectories provided by technological advances in storage types, computational power, computational speed, interface types and host systems. For example, the bandwidth of logic devices will expand from the present 20 MBs-1 to 1 GBs-1 in 2003, with a concomitant increase in speed from 20 MHz to 250 MHz. Couple these advances with the emerging high speed, solid state storage devices and the performance becomes astronomical in scale. By being able to easily exploit these technology advances into our technology we can always keep one or more steps head of the competition

The Radiance Search Engine is a self-sorting, content-addressable data discriminator that provides rank-order sorted results at lightning speed. It can be used to select the best or closest matches to given criteria and will return both perfect matches and close matches, often in one single parse of the data. Radiance is an archetypal pattern matcher, irrespective of the source of a digital record.

Beam Search is another fundamental algorithm used in Knowledge Discovery. It maintains a small subset of discovered candidates for the next rule, instead of checking against all possible options. It has the advantage of reducing processing , but at the risk of rejecting the optimum candidates before they are recognised. ICEWARE® allows larger beams, or subsets, to be used thus reducing the risk. By combining elements of the TDIDT and Radiance Search Engine , very fast beam search and selection is delivered.



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