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In addition to searching data companies are increasingly interested in finding trends and ‘rules’ within their data. A common use of the resulting rules is in one-to-one marketing campaigns. Many companies are restricted in what they can achieve by the performance of the analysis tools available. They tend to be relatively slow and therefore will not work effectively over very large volumes of data. This necessitates compromising on the size of datasets analysed or one-pass rule analysis not allowing any real validation of the resulting rules prior to using them! The two issues mentioned above result in statistically inaccurate and unproven rules. By using the Iceware ® Analytics Engine within your application or by integrating it into your current analytics toolset you can completely remove those restrictions. The interface to the analytics engine can be either a custom GUI or via software calls from the application utilising it.

Many sectors can benefit from the Iceware ® Analytics Engine, for example:

Financial Services Risk Management, Fraud, Marketing
Oil & Gas Analytics, Research
Retail Marketing
BioInformatics Fraud, Analytics
Biosciences Gene Analysis, Laboratory Analytics
Government Fraud, Marketing, Risk Management, eGovernment, Research Establishments e.g Universities
Utilities Fraud, Analytics, Research Analysis
Telecommunications Location Based Services, Fraud, Marketing, Billing Analysis
Our current version of the Analytics engine incorporates TDIDT. TDIDT (Top Down Induction of Decision Trees) is a fundamental process used in knowledge discovery and data mining. Using training data sets, or n-way data partitioning, the basic function of TDIDT is to discover the underlying rules within the data presented. This requires a significant processing operation to test the possible rule combinations. As a result, many applications are confined to small data sets, which raises questions as to how far the rules found can be applied to the overall data. A significantly larger data set reduces the influence of individual samples but imposes unacceptable time penalties. ICEWARE® processes larger data sets in shorter time frames, dramatically improving both accuracy and operation.
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