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The Iceware ® Casebase Engine has been designed to address the issue of rapid access to specific data held within extremely large volumes of textual data. To date this type of access has been restricted by the resource intensive requirement to index the data in some way to give reasonable access times. Speeds are still relatively slow with that method and will only allow access to the data via the pre-determined indices and usually wikth exact matches only. With CaseBase there is no need to index and access speeds will be significantly higher (there is no time overhead with fuzzy searches). The CaseBase Engine comes in two main sections, a custom GUI application to add data to the information store which configures the Iceware® board with the Iceware® modules to perform the compression and a second application to use the compressed information by configuring the Iceware® board with separate Iceware® modules to perform searches and to decompress data. The principle behind CaseBase is the D Huffmann methodology - with the power of Iceware® we are able to make this technique commercially viable.

A perfect sector for CaseBase would be the legal profession where copious volumes of case notes to be accessed on a regular basis for precendent and case analysis. This process can now be considerably faster and significantly more flexible.

Many other sectors will be able to benefit from CaseBase amongst there are:

Health Case Analysis, Patient Records
Government Document Analytics
Biosciences Research Analysis
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