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Most data being analysed today is static data usually held in some form of data warehouse. However many organisations are seeing an increasing requirement to be able to analyse streaming data – i.e. [C]onstantly [U]pdating [D]ata. Examples of this are telecommunications billing data, web accesses, data feeds from oil fields and process control data. Speed is essential in analysing this type of data and that to-date has come at a price even if it has been possible at all. In many cases the bulk of the data being analysed is actually of little or no value but all has to be processed to get at the valuable data – this requires extensive hardware and usually expensive high volume networks. The Iceware ® CUDAP Engine is designed to reduced the problems and expense of analysing and reporting on constantly updating data-streams. Due to its speed and size it can, locally, analyse the data to assess required and non-required data. It will then only pass forward the valuable data for detailed analysis – this then only requires slow speed to connections as data volumes are typically vastly reduced. You only see the data and information you need to see and quickly. Another advantage of the Iceware ® CUDAP Engine is the ability to receive and analyse data from multiple feeds and either analyse separately or consolidated. The output from the analyses custom display application to graphically show the changing conditions or may be an interface to an existing application in use by the company.
Iceware ® CUDAP Engine can be used as the basis for a custom built user application or as the basis for an industry wide solution.

We can take an example from the exploration industry. Increasingly existing gas and oil drilling sites are becoming uneconomical for the major players. They are looking for other ways to manage such sites to keep them economical. They are looking at eFields i.e. increased automation of the management processes to reduce costs. With Iceware ® CUDAP we can build very fast very cost effective field monitoring systems capable of being centrally managed across several fields.

Some sectors likely to benefit from the Iceware ® CUDAP Engine are:

Oil & Gas Exploration, eFields
Defence Security, Satellites, War Games
Utilities Process Management, Waste Management, Hydrology
Airports Security
Telecommunications Gene Analysis, Laboratory Analytics
Government Fraud, Marketing, Risk Management, eGovernment, Research Establishments e.g Universities
Utilities Fraud, Analytics, Research Analysis
Telecommunications Location Based Services, Fraud, Marketing, Billing Analysis
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