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Many organisations have large volumes of data, for example financial data, CRM data warehouse or biometric data (e.g. fingerprints) they wish to search in a fast and flexible manner. Most search software restricts access by requiring predefined index data being set-up and most will only respond to accurate data matches and, even if they permit fuzzy searches, are incredibly slow. The Iceware ® Search Engine totally eliminates existing problems covered above and can be used to either develop a custom built application for your particular company or your chosen market sectors or it can be integrated into your existing search tools. The interface can be either a custom GUI or via software calls from the application utilising it.

An example for the use of the Iceware ® Search Engine is:
Using the Iceware® Search Engine a catalogue of items can be searched to find the best match to a query using a fuzzy search. The fuzzy search provides answers to searches even when exact matches cannot be found (mis-spelled query and/or mis-spelled entry in catalogue). This ensures a customer stays with a site and does not move on, increasing site stickyness and thereby revenue while ensuring that simple spelling mistakes (whether initiated by the customer or already existing in the web-site) do not lose customers.

Many issues facing industry sectors can benefit significantly from the Iceware ® Search Engine, for example:

Retail Marketing, Analytics, Web-Retailing, Catalogues
Government Security, Fraud, Marketing, Analytics
Financial Services Risc Management, Fraud, Security, Marketing, Analytics, Basel Accord
Utilities Security, Fraud, Analytics, Marketing
Airports Security
Telecommunications Fraud, Marketing, Location Based Services, Satellites
Defence Security, Analytics, Satellites
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