TRICE’s partners have customers requiring a dramatic increase in the speed of knowledge discovery, TRICE markets ICEWARE ® ACCELERATOR TECHNOLOGY that reduces knowledge discovery times from days to minutes. Unlike other hardware ICEWARE ® is mobile, flexible and highly cost-effective.

Iceware® Services:
  Our services are primarily there to provide any specific support required by our partners around our technology.
If you have a special requirement; not covered by our library of Engines, we can develop custom designs to be used on our cards.
We can also carry out the development of cards for special uses / differing configurations.
We can carry out the development of customer specific ASIC and EPLD solutions.
  Consultancy Services:
We offer consultancy to our partners to assist, where required, in the development of customised Iceware® modules.
Consultancy is also available to assist partners wishing to write their own application around an Iceware® card.
Iceware ® Demonstrator is now on-line!
"A very exciting and badly needed breakthrough is being developed by Trice"
Prof. Max Bramer University of Portsmouth
Trice UK Ltd is a founder member of the Data Mining Forum recently launched at University of Portsmouth .
Trice congratulates SEEDA on the inception of the Solent Enterprise Hub.
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