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We are a leading edge technology start-up company operating in high growth high value market sectors. Our high speed, cost effective engines will enable knowledge discovery to be available to all. We were formed at the beginning of 2001 in order to develop and market Iceware ®. The initial technology has been developed over nearly 8 years and has evolved from space-programme hardware and applications developed by our sister company JPC Technology Ltd. The enabling technology is protected by European, US and other international patents and is licensed exclusively to Trice UK.

We can always accelerate our development plans and speed to market with additional funding. If you are interested in discussing a potential investment in our company please contact us immediately.


PC Consultants serves and consults companies on web development, e-commerce, Internet marketing, design, custom software development etc., we focus on building products and services that enable our clients to best employ the World Wide Web towards increasing their market exposure and profitability. http://www.pcconsultants.info