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In order to provide our technological advantages to the market we are actively seeking partnerships with application vendors, tools vendors, systems integrators, storage vendors and domain consultants. Iceware ® can be integrated into your applications and solutions to bring the added value of our technology to your customer base. If you are working in any areas where rapid knowledge discovery and/or rapid data analysis is key to your customers call us today!

Due to the strategic importance of partners we have dedicated program for our co-operation – the program is ‘Icecap’ – Iceware ® Certified Alliance Program.

We have a totally partner centric strategy – we only work through partners – we co-operate and never compete.



Using Iceware ® to rapidly access large volumes of data cost-effectively will enable users to store considerably larger volumes of data. Data that will be useful! This will open new opportunities for storage vendors. Iceware ® CaseBase will be of particular relevance.

Contact us today and we can discuss how a relationship with us will significantly enhance your sales potential.


Our strategy is partnering so we do not target end-users directly. However should your organisation be one of the many (see below) that could benefit from the cost effective power Iceware ® can add to solve your business issues then we will work with you to identify a suitable partner(s) to customise our solution specifically for your requirements.


Sectors Business Issues
 Financial Services
 Oil & Gas
 Data Analysis
 Fraud Management
 Risk Management
 Exploration e.g  eFields
 Case Analysis e.g. Precedents
 Process Management
 Location Based Services


Current partners
  We currently have active partnerships with:
  University of Portsmouth 
  We have a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Portsmouth enabling a close working relationship, and access to the University’s research base. The University of Portsmouth is key to our research and development programme, not only in the computer science arena, but also in the pharmaceutical research domain of the Institute of Biomedical & Biomolecular Science.

The University of Portsmouth is a leader in education and research within the Knowledge Discovery arena.

We are founder members of the University's Data Mining Forum

  PC Consultants Ltd.
  We share marketing opportunities with PC Consultants Ltd
  Mackenzie Ward Research
  We enjoy strong links, and a healthy liaison, with Mackenzie Ward Research Ltd. Mackenzie Ward offer high level outsourced new media, content and web-based services. Their information management and online education products offer opportunities to employ the unique speed and processing capabilites of Iceware® to deliver uniquely optimised solutions to maximise customer satisfaction. The companies share a number of marketing goals.
PC Consultants serves and consults companies on web development, e-commerce, Internet marketing, design, custom software development etc., we focus on building products and services that enable our clients to best employ the World Wide Web towards increasing their market exposure and profitability. http://www.pcconsultants.info